Diler Delhi defeat Pondicherry to play Bangalore Rhinos in semis, Chennai Challengers vs. Bangalore Rhinos a tie, Chennai to play Pune Pride in semis

On the last day of league stage matches, first match was between Bangalore Rhinos and Chennai Challengers, which ended into a tie, while in the second match Diler Delhi defeat Pondicherry Predators. Semifinals will be played on on 3rd June where in the first semifinal Pune Pride will play against Chennai Challenger and Bangalore Rhinos against Diler Delhi.

In the first match Bangalore Rhinos started well and were leading in the first quarter. Rhinos scored 9 points against 5 points of Challengers, second quarter was a tight battle, where Chennai scored 12 points against 11 points of Rhinos. At the end of the first half Bangalore were leading by 3 points with 20-17 half time score.

IIPKL, Bangalore

In the second half Bangalore Rhinos took the control and scored 15 points against 8 points of Challengers. In the fourth quarter Chennai Challengers bounced back and scored 18 points against 8 points of Rhinos. Rajesh Dhiman helped Chennai Challengers turn the game with his crucial 18 points and at the end with 43-43 final score on the board the game ended into a tie.


In the second game of the evening between Pondicherry Predators and Diler Delhi, Predators started well and scored 28 points in the first half. Pondicherry predators walked into the half time with 6 points lead, half time score being 28-22. In the second half it was heroic of Sunil Jaipal who scored 32 points and brought Delhi back in the game. Diler Delhi scored total 34 points in the second half, and with 56-48 final score, Diler Delhi registered a comfortable win.