Mumbai Che Raja's second consecutive win, Telugu Bulls on a losing streak while Chennai Challengers register win against Pune Pride

Sunday was action packed at Chamundi Vihar indoor stadium, as Mumbai Che Raja defeated Pondicherry Predators in a close encounter, Bengaluru Rhinos crushed Telugu Bulls and Chennai Challenger defeated Pune Pride.
The first match of Sunday evening between Mumbai Che Raja and Pondicherry Predators was not less than a thriller. In the first two quarters of the first half Mumbai Che Raja dominated and took 4 points lead with 16-14 score on the board at stroke of half time. 

Pondicherry Predators Vs. Mumbau Che Raja, IIPKL Mysuru leg

Pondicherry Predators tried a comeback in the second half and scored 18 points against 17 points of Mumbai Che Raja. But the first half lead by Mumbai Che Raja help them secure win with 33-33 final score on the board. R Suresh Kumar playing for Pondicherry stand out to be the best raider with his 10 points.
Bangalore Rhinos crushed Telugu Bulls in the second game of Sunday evening, Bangalore Rhinos took early control and scored 14, 13 points in the first 2 quarters consecutively. Telugu Bulls continue their losing streak as the poor show continues. In the second half of the game Bangalore Rhinos continue to dominate and with 51-20 final score on the board turned victorious. Vishal scored whooping 20 points for his team Banagalore Rhinos. 

Bangalore Rhinos Vs. Telugu Bulls, IIPKL, Mysuru Leg

The third match of the evening was between Pune Pride and Chennai Challengers, and Elayaraj led his team Chennai Challengers to victory. Chennai Challengers had a good start and in the first quarter of the game team scored 14 points against 5 points of Pune Pride. In second quarter both the teams scored 8 points each but Chennai Challengers walked into half time with 9 points lead. In second half 3rd quarter Chennai Challengers continued the momentum and scored another 11 points against Pune's 7 points. Pune Pride tried a comeback in 4th quarter but it was too late. Pune Pride scored 15 points against 6 Channai Challengers 6 points, but at the end with 39-35 final score on the board Chennai Challengers turned winners.

Pune Pride Vs. Chennai Challengers